Yoga & Meditation

‘Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.” – Rumi

We are busy. There is always something more to do: that more is better, more is more. If we do more, we will feel happier, and be better. For many of us, taking the time to slow down is a challenge. The instant reward of looking at your phone or watching Netflix is alluring. And yet, there is deep body knowledge to be found in the slow, deliberate movement of yoga. 

For athletes,yoga can be a key component for recovery between workouts. It allows for greater mobility and time to quiet the mind to access greater depth which serves us in training. It is a quiet, slower time to cultivate the mental stillness and stability needed to face the challenges of more intense training. It also provides a much needed recovery period for the body following workouts. Active rest that allows the body to move without the exertion of lifting or running or cycling, allows the muscles to heal more efficiently. Yoga classes designed for female athletes focuses on alignment principles suited to women’s bodies and needs. A wide range of classes with complementary meditations allow you to pick your adventure – whether you need a vigorous class to get ready for a long day or a quiet cool down after a work out or before bed, there is a wide range of classes to choose from. 

For women yearning to heal their relationships with their bodies, yoga opens a space of quiet acceptance. Gentle movements that lead to greater ease in the body allows for emotional healing guided by physical healing. The gentle stretching and opening of yoga postures allows for greater fluidity of movement. When the body experiences ease, cortisol levels lower and a sense of well being follows. Even quick yoga sessions, combining the breath with movement, allow for a greater overall sense of wellbeing and health.

Inner Drive Wellness offers yoga classes designed for athletes across the scope of their lifetime- new to fitness, season athlete, moms, those rediscovering their strength during or after menopause – yoga is a tool to really feel into the edges and corners of the body and find what works and what doesn’t. Focusing on the movement rather than the end product of the pose, Erika and Danielle teach gentle yoga classes designed to help individuals find greater ease within their bodies and create a strong connection designed to provide comfort, strength and mindfulness throughout the day – no matter how busy it gets when you step off the mat. 

Accompanying the yoga classes are guided meditations. These meditations, created by Danielle with a specific focus on wellness, resilience and mindfulness, help slow down the chattering mind and create space for new experiences and a deeper understanding of the self.