From Laura H: You are an athlete and you hire a coach or create your own tailored training plan to meet your next goal. As athletes, we often “find ourselves” in our training and work out our stuff. Truth be told, we don’t really. As soon as injury hits or our goals are not quite obtained like we had hoped, we naturally struggle. We are human. I highly recommend any athlete to consider Danielle’s service to enhance the psychological aspects of sport and life. Positive thought coaching will truly enhance your ability to overcome and keep the soul and body striving towards your goals. Chapter 6 in Deena Kastor’s book, “Let Your Mind Run” starts by asking the reader “What are you thinking?” and quotes Lisa M. Hayes, “Be careful how you are talking to yourself, because you are listening.” Danielle’s training and kind-hearted spirit will challenge your psyche to take your training to the next level and help you overcome the darkest moments that athleticism can bring. Being an ultra endurance runner herself, Danielle’s own experiences of the highs and lows athleticism brings a personal approach to understanding your individual needs.


From Erika Z:  Danielle is an exceptional coach.  It is like she flipped a switch in my mind and helped me find a positive voice to act as my guide. With this strength, I am able to listen to my body better and find more confidence in my strength and training. I still care about the outcome of my races, but it is only one piece.  I care about my mindset, honoring my strength and witnessing my best self during races and during every run! She has transformed my life – her knowledge of the psychology of resilence, her compassion towards her clients and her patience is amazing!