Strength programs

Lifting weight, whether it is simple body weight exercises or lifting heavy with precision, is key to athletic longevity, joint health and prevention for women. With years of weight lifting experience, training in kinesiology and the form and function of weight lifting, Erika and Danielle have teamed up to create a series of lifting videos. Prioritizing safety, they use their combined knowledge to let you build a custom routine – warm up, work out, cool down – to meet your individual needs. Choose which warm up, work out and cool down from their selection of videos to support your running or health and fitness goals. Workouts range from body weight exercises to more complex training for experienced athletes.

Other lifting services: 

Weekly in person classes in Boulder, CO

Online form assessment – one time or continuing. This can be done either through an online, in person session or video review

Individual and ongoing personal training – a schedule with exercises and suggestions created specifically for your needs 

Online personal training classes for your specific goals – strength, endurance, maintenance or recovery