Nutritional Counseling

When we think of all of the things required for health, it can feel daunting. Our lives are pulled in so many directions, finding the time and space to create healthy nourishing food can be too much. This is particularly the case when it is so easy to grab processed or prepared food. As part of a journey towards whole health, nutrition counseling with Erika aims to provide customizable, simple steps to change eating habits. By focusing on your individual lifestyle and needs, Erika can support you in making the best decisions that fit into your day to day. As a mom to three young children, the challenges of eating well against the reality of the competing demands are very real. Many of us live without the necessary support in place to prioritize healthy eating. Erika creates individual programs that understand the challenges while focusing on reasonable and practical goals to help athletes and women come into themselves. Movement combined with healthy eating creates a positive sense of self that can be carried forward into the rest of one’s life. By using food as a nourishing practice, Erika offers tips and tricks to create a fun, healthy lifestyle.

Services offered:

Individual nutrition counseling


Diet review